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 Cod5 Zombie Patch 1st and second map

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PostSubject: Cod5 Zombie Patch 1st and second map   Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:18 am

hello here is my news patch zombie v.649 on the map verruckt + natch der untoten.



Aimbot: L1 + R1
PickupCrate: change weapon, Against an object to take it. To let go of the weapon changes
Change model:crouch+change weapon
God Mod: L1 + prone
Ufo mod: crouch + Square, R3 to move, crouch + Square to reset
Shootrevive + Paintball: prone + R3
Change model: crouch + change weapon
Zombie defaultactor: L1 + R2
Pro Mod: L1 + R3
Toggle_third: Prone + square


\Natch Der Untoten

God mod: L1+prone
Ufo mod :crouch+square, R3 to move ; crouch+square to reset
Paintball: L1+crouch
shootrevive: prone+R3
vision: prone+R1
change model:crouch+change weapon
zombie defaultactor: L1+R2
zombie prone: L1+square
Pro mod:L1+R3

Change model:

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Cod5 Zombie Patch 1st and second map
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